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Version: 5.4.2
Last update: 11.07.24
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TopFollow app for get free instagram followers

How it works?

Download Official TopFollow APK click Direct download .APK FILE or Get it on PlayMarket.

Login into Top Follow app using your Instagram account. We recommend using fake Instagram accounts for mining coins. TopFollow is a coin-based application where you complete tasks, invite new users using your referral code, and mine coins and crystals. After you earn coins, go to the order page in the app and select the service you need. You can order unlimited Instagram followers or Instagram likes for your profile or your friends' profiles.

TopFollow is application for increase your social media followers and likes for free. We have user friendly interface, fast working app, many settings to earn coins and order instagram followers and likes for free to your profile or for your friends and clients.

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We working many years and have developed stable app. Many users join TopFollow every day to grow their Instagram followers and likes. TopFollow trusted app with over 5 million downloads from the official store and more than 10 million downloads from our website.

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Why Can the TopFollow App Do More Than Others?
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Benefits of the TopFollow App

We have added many flexible settings to avoid restrictions on profiles that mine coins. The app provides comfortable and fast operation and delivery.

Fast Followers and Likes Delivery

When you order Instagram followers and likes, your order will start immediately.

Free Coins on TopFollow

We add new promo codes for TopFollow every week. Join our Telegram channel. Don't miss new TopFollow promo codes.

Download the Official TopFollow APK

Only the official TopFollow Android app runs great on your device, with fast operation and no bugs. Be careful, fake applications can damage your device.

TopFollow Events

We create interesting events for our app promotion with big rewards like 1,000,000 TopFollow Coins or 3,000,000 Crystals for winners, and free coins for all participants.

Stable Work and Fast Support

The latest TopFollow APK update ensures fast and stable app working. If you have any problems with the app, our support team is ready to help you and find a solution.


Real Top Followers

TopFollow app offers you unlimited Instagram followers for the organic growth of your account. The more followers and likes you have on your Instagram profile, the higher you rank in search results, and more people notice and follow you.


Multiple Accounts

You can use multiple accounts for mining coins. The best way is to create 10-100 profiles per day for coin mining and promote your referral code. Each day, you can order 10000 Instagram followers using 20 accounts for mining coins.


User-friendly App

The interface of the official TopFollow APK is user-friendly. At the first start of the app, you will see hints and help on how to use the app. You can skip it or follow the steps to learn how to get free likes or followers using the original TopFollow.

You Must Know
Helpful Information

How to Install TopFollow APK

TopFollow APK runs on all Android devices from version 5 and above.

To install the TopFollow app, first you must download the APK file from our site or the Play Market store.

After downloading, open the APK file and install it on your device. This app is safe; the APK from the Play Market is the same as the APK from the site.

How to Collect Coins in TopFollow

We have three ways for collecting coins and diamonds for free on the TopFollow app. Try any one or combine all for maximum profit.

The first way is by creating many fake Instagram accounts and mining coins. This is a fast process and after 5 minutes, you will be ready to order 1000 Instagram followers for free.

The second way is by using our referral program. The TopFollow referral code works like this: You promote your referral code on social networks, forums, and other internet resources. People who use your TopFollow code get free coins, and you will get 10% from all orders that this user creates.

For example: A user enters your promo code and mines coins. After they make an order for 10,000 Instagram followers, you will get 8,000 TopFollow crystals. Invite more users to get more coins and crystals.

The third way is by using a TopFollow promo code or joining an event. Regularly, we send promo codes for free TopFollow coins to our users and create promotional events. Join our Telegram group to find new TopFollow promo codes for 2024.

How to Get Free Instagram Followers and Likes from the Real TopFollow App

When you have TopFollow free coins, go to the followers or likes screen and choose the count you want to add.

Then enter the target's username and click OK if you are sure that you want to place an order for this profile.

After placing an order for Instagram followers or Instagram likes, you can check the status of your order on the history screen. Wait for your order to be delivered.

How To get Instagram followers using TopFollow APK
Frequently Asked Questions

Download only the official TopFollow APK. If you want to use the TopFollow app and stay safe and secure, download and use only the original TopFollow app from our site or using the link to the Play Market store app. All other apps are fake and can damage your device. To avoid any problems, don't download the TopFollow APK from other sites.

Instagram imposes restrictions on all new profiles for the number of likes and follows per day. To mine more coins, register and use more new profiles. Try to use cellular data when creating new accounts to avoid any blocks or restrictions.

Register more fake accounts and try to use cellular data. Turn airplane mode on/off and register many fake Instagram accounts. More accounts - more coins. Try to return to old accounts again in the next 5-6 hours.

Ensure that your device has a stable internet connection. TopFollow uses an active internet connection to update account information.

Make sure you are using the latest version of the TopFollow application and you have the original TopFollow app from Outdated versions or fake apps may have bugs or compatibility issues that could lead to problems with active accounts. Fake TopFollow apps can damage your device! To update the TopFollow application, download the latest APK from our site.

This problem can occur when Instagram places restrictions on your profile. The best solution is to register more new profiles and use them.

Try to close the app, clear the app data, and open it again. If this does not help, check your profile.
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